Use of Čeberol'ca

What is Čeberol’ca and where can you use it?
Čeberol’ca is a completely natural, safe and sustainable alternative to plastic foils, aluminium foils and bags. You can use it to wrap all kinds of food (fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread…). It’s very useful for covering small or large bowls, glasses and jugs of refreshing summer lemonades, to cover bread on picnics and pre-made cold cuts, pastries or sliced fruit. You can store snacks or wrap sandwiches or delicious pastries in it to take to go. It is useful for fermenting kombucha, kefir or sourdough. In short – it’s great for many things and everyone can use it in their own way. You can use it as a funnel for pouring liquids or powders. Or as an icing tube. Its use is definitely not limited to the home. It can come in handy for storing things and objects that should not get wet (on camping, holidays…) or have lost their original packaging (cards, crayons…). You can store a toothbrush or hard soap in it while traveling. While on a walk, wrap a bouquet of flower or herbs in it… It has proven to be a great tool for opening tight jars. You can quickly roll it up into a straw or solve a situation with a wobbly table in a restaurant. The possibilities really are limitless.

Wipe it with a damp cloth before first use. If necessary, you can cut it to
appropriate size. If the natural edge does not suit you, you can also trim it.
Once you determine what you are going to wrap, choose the right Čeberol’ca
size and slightly heat it with your palms so that the wax softens a bit and
becomes more supple. Then wrap what you want to wrap the same way as you
would with any other foil. When completely wrapped, keep your hands on the
Čeberol’ca as needed to keep the wanted sha

After use, wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap if necessary and rinse well. When dry, it’s ready to be used again. If you notice it is no longer sticking together well (depending on use), insert it  between baking paper sheets and gently iron it with low heat, or place it on a
baking tray covered with baking paper and put it in an oven preheated to 90 °C for 2 -3 minutes (depending on the oven – keep an eye on what’s happening inside!) so the wax melts. And your Čeberol’ca will once again be like new.

If you happen to forget any food wrapped in Čeberol’ca and that food spoils/goes bad, wash the wrap well;  if that doesn’t work, try cleaning it with baking soda or lemon.

Because it is made of wax, it is not suitable for exposure to heat, so do not cover hot dishes or expose it to direct sunlight. It is also not suitable for covering food as it cooks or bakes.

With regular use, you can use Čeberol’ca for about one and a half years, provided you follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions. 

When you’ve finally exhausted it and think it can no longer serve you as well
as before, you can still get the maximum out of it. You can cut it into smaller
pieces and dispose of it in compost or use it as a tinder. At its farewell remember
how you both contributed to a better world.



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