My name is Tjaša Mesinger. I am a creative at heart, a lover of versatile creativity, inspired by nature, foraging and striving for a self-sufficient life. I like to spend my free time with my family. Our pockets are always full of pinecones, twigs, flowers, pebbles and other little treasures.


I spend my afternoons in my “kamrica” – my little room full of art, creativity and socializing. It is a place filled with antiques found at flea markets and antique shops, furniture rescued from abandoned houses; a place where coffee beans are ground on an old grinder and everyone is welcome.


Čeberol’ca has been traveling around the world since spring 2020. It was initially made for home use, because I like to do everything myself. Then, I gave more of them to good people as gifts. Together, we realized that this is a great thing. Soon after, the natural beeswax wrap got its name.

Kreativni zavod
Art kamra

Since 2022, I have been running the Art Kamra Creative Institute, which aims to promote artistic expression, sustainable and green lifestyles, self-sufficiency, interconnection, education in a creative and innovative way, and the revival of old skills and crafts through various workshops and projects.

>>I believe that everyone in this world has something to offer. It is our job to discover what motivates us, drives us forward, and to use that as nourishment of our life energies. For only when you are recharged yourself, can you give to others. And when you start giving in the right way, you get everything you need.<<


Phone number: +386 51 207 464

Email: ceberolca@gmail.com

Kreativni zavod Art kamra Naselje heroja Maroka 16  8290 Sevnica, Slovenia

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