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Čeberol’ca Special edition – Bear Fables is a collaboration with Nina Mrđenović and Jošt Bukovec, who work together under the name Shrusko. Nina has created cute illustrations in which you get to know the bear, whose life is presented in detail in short stories written by Jošt.

“Tales and adventures of an unnamed bear who fearlessly takes on any task. A magnificent representative of the animal kingdom, an independent furry animal with a great sense of camaraderie for his fellow animals, humans, and nature. A bear of many talents who learns new skills every day as he becomes more independent. The bear’s fables chronicle his adventures that will sometimes take your breath away, and other times make you laugh.


What Is Čeberol'ca

A completely natural and sustainable alternative to plastic foils, aluminum foils and bags. You can use it to wrap all kinds of foods (fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread, sandwiches, pastry, snacks, leftovers…) and to cover bowls, cups, glasses…

Is it easy to use: gently warm the Čeberol’ca with your hands and place it where you like. Hold it in place for a moment and it will start to work its magic. It naturally wraps and protects your food. You can use it at home, take it with you on a trip, or use it to wrap your snacks for work.


Wrap or cover

Gently warm the Čeberol’ca in your hands to soften the wax a little. Hold it in your hands for a few moments to feel it take the shape you want.


After use, clean it with lukewarm water and a little soap if needed, then dry it and store it in a dry place.


If used correctly, your Čeberol’ca will last for about one and a half to two years. Once it has worn out, you can fully use its remnants.

Hand-made and Hand-dyed

Each product is hand-made from start to finish. The organic cotton is dyed with natural pigments.

Environmentally Friendly

From the beginning of production to the end of its life, Čeberol’ca follows all the principles of sustainability.


Čeberol’ca is versatile and practical to use in any household.


All ingredients are certified as organic.

Keep in Touch

From time to time we organize workshops, a get-together or something special.

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Phone number: +386 51 207 464

Email: ceberolca@gmail.com

Kreativni zavod Art kamra Naselje heroja Maroka 16  8290 Sevnica, Slovenia

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